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How To Add A Live Chat For Your Website

Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about WordPress live chat free plugin. What is the live chat plugin

Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about WordPress live chat free plugin. What is the live chat plugin? If you ever visit a website, then you get a live chat option where you can also find a link to that website. You can take the solutation of the help with the help of live chat. If you also have a website on WordPress, you also want to live chat support option. You can put your website in easy step so that your website will become more professional if the visitor has a problem related to your website, then he can help you with the help of live chat option, so let’s say that the plugin will What to do in the website

First of all, your website should be in WordPress. Secondly you must have an email account if you have both, please start the next step.

The name of this plugin is Crisp Costumer Massing For Startup   

Plugin Name Crisp – Costumer Massing For Startup

When you click on this link, it will be taken to your official website, where you will have to register first, for that you must have an email account. Now you will register with an email account after registering
Login to your WordPress Account

Go To Plugin

Add New Plugin

Search “Crisp”

After searching so much, you will start seeing Crisp Customer Messaging for Startup Plugin. Now you install the plugin, activate to install, after that you have to go to its settings, you can listen to the Gmail that you previously registered with. Now live chat support option will appear in your website

There are also many live chat plugins that can be used on your website. It is absolutely free. You can add your WordPress plugin by adding the following Survey Plugin to anyone who wants to do it on your website. Can do

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