What is web hosting

 What is web hosting if I explain in simple language What is web hosting

What is web hosting if I explain in simple language, if you need a shop to sell your goods through which people can buy your stuff, you have an identification that it is your shop and your luggage will be the same. Similarly, web hosting is like your website is like a shop where people come to your shop to buy something or look for something or information.

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting stores your file data on the top of the hybrid computer. If any person searches the web address in your browser URL, then the Internet will keep your files and folders on the spot, so that anyone can The search person reaches your website

If we have to store our website’s data files in a hybrid computer, then there are several such companies that provide us such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostingraja, etc. and we store them with our files and data. 24×7 pays money to keep connected to the internet

I hope you understand what web hosting is, so let’s know more about it

Type Of Web Hosting

Two types of Web Hosting depending on the Operating System

Linux Hosting

Windows Hosting

What is Linux Hosting

Linux is an operating system that has an open source operating system that is available free, so web hosting companies seem to be spending work if you take Linux web hosting for your web site, it costs a little bit of cost.

What is Windows Hosting

You all know that Windows is an operating system that has to pay us to take a license that hosting companies have to take a license for this hosting. if you take Windows hosting or Windows hosting will cost you money from Linux.

Three types of Web Hosting depending on the Web Support

Shared Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server

What is Shared Hosting

The data of many websites in shared hosting is kept on the same server and all the websites use the same RAM, the CPU uses. some of the losses of shared hosting, if there is a large number of visitors coming to your website then Shared Hosting is not perfect. This website is perfect for you if your website is new to which visitor is working.

What is Dedicated Hosting

Here, there will be a separate server for your website. where only your website data will be kept and separate for your website CPU, RAM will be determined, this hosting is good for the website that the visitor gets more

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is like a hotel room where you share the door of your room but the right to the room stays yours. Here a server is divided into a lot of virtual servers for each user himself. There is a Circular server that is easy to say in the word, Sevar is the same. but one room is given for every user where he can keep his file aside

How to Buy Web Hosting

If you are thinking of buying a web hosting then there is a lot of sadi companies that can offer you hosting services such as Hostgator, Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, Bigrock etc and you can buy web hosting. Should like





Customer Support

We should pay attention to all these things, especially customer support, if you have good customer support, you should purchase your web hosting

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