What is Cloudflare and what are its benefits

What is Cloudflare and How to Work

What is Cloudflare and what are its benefits

What is Cloudflare and what are its benefits

Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you this post What is the Cloudflare? What is its work? Learn about the details of what works on our website.


Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) network that increases the speed of your website and provides free SSL to your website. With this help, you can fully secure your website and it will be able to rank your website or blog. Also grows


In Cloudflare, you will be able to use two versions for free and another Paid Liking. If you are a blogger or you want to use for your website, then I would recommend that you use freeware. You will find many features in this free.



How Cloudflare Works

If we use Cloudflare for our website then it connects with the nameserver of our website which passes through all the traffic Cloudflare networks coming from our website so that apart from spam traffic, the wrong traffic is different. gives. Cloudflare scans every traffic coming to your website and then sends it to your website.


If a visitor wants to access your website from India then Cloudflare connects the visitor who visits your website to the nearest Cloudflare DND server, which makes the speed of your web site better, Cloudflare operates around 155+ data center visits worldwide



Cloudflare is right for website or not

If I recommend you should Cloudflare to your website because it has many advantages of using it. You will get SSL in free for that, you will not need to use paid SSL Cloudflare can be activated for any kind of website If you are hosting, your Cpanel already offers the option of Cloudflare.


Advantage Of Cloudflare

  • This saves the bandwidth of your website, Cloudflare caches your static file (CSS, JS, Images) and Service according to its location.
  • It provides SSL for free on your website that you can use to protect your website from all types of hacking.
  • This avoids all kinds of hacking attacks on your website such as DDOS attacks, SQL injection etc
  • Cloudflare avoids crashing your website
  • This improves the loading speed of your website, so it takes time for your website to rank in Google
  • Using Cloudflare to Incorporate Your Website’s Performance by 60%

How to Setup Cloudflare

While activating Cloudflare, you do not have to weigh the nameservers for change, it is immediately added to your name server. So let’s know how we set up Cloudflare for our blog or website, can easily use the Cloudflare for your website.

Step 1 Go To Cloudflare Website Click On Given Link Below


What is Cloudflare and what are its benefits

Step 2 Click On Sing Up Create Your Account You sign up to enter your email id



What is Cloudflare and what are its benefits

Step 3 After that you will have the option of adding your website to your website and add the website to which you want Cloudflare


Right after that, you will be taken to choose the plan in which you will be free to select it if your blog is popular and you want even more advanced options can also take the paid



Copy the name server you will show in front of it and change it to your domain name server.

Step 4 Copy the name server you will show in front of it and change it to your domain name server. Changing your name server may take some time



Step 5 Continue 

After setting all these settings, your Cloudflare will be activated, even if you can get free SSL, you will see the option of SSL which can be activated by clicking on


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