What is 5G Technology And How 5G Technology works

What is 5G Technology And How 5G Technology works

What is 5G Technology And How 5G Technology works

Are you know what 5g technology is and how it works? 5G’s full name is Fifth Generation 5g is a very latex technology. If do not know what is 5G technology, then you keep reading this article fully. Today I have enough detail about 5g technology Has been told from

First of all, we used wired phones, then we started using it 1G 2G 3G and 4G. Now the time is going on of the smartphone,
So far, we have been able to use 4G with our technology, now we have taken our position towards 5G technology.


What is 5 Technology

After 4G we are going to use 5G and we are also using the 5G technology is the latest technology. With the help of 5g technology, the speed of wireless has become very high. With the help of 5G technology, we can be transmitting data in a wireless broadband connection with a speed of more than 20Gbps.

5G Technology Features

  • By the time this technology comes, the battery life of the device we use will increase because of this technology we will be able to do our work very soon.
  • It will be up to 10 Gbps Date rate, with network improvement at a rate of 10 to 100x compared to 4g and 5G networks.
  • 1-millisecond latency
  • 1000x bandwidth per unit area
  • In this, we can count up to 1000x number to connect per unit area (if we compare it with 4G LTE)
  • It’s unavailable till 99.999
  • Apart from this, it provides 100% coverage
  • This helps a lot in saving energy so that we help 90% of the network energy work.

How 5G Technology works

What is 5G Technology And How 5G Technology works

So far, the people who used radio frequency used to do it from 1GHz to 6GHz, but now the 5G technology will come in radio frequency of 30GHz – 300GHz. And this technology will speed up our data transfer speed and the waves of this technology range from 1 to 10 millimeters.

When 5G will launch

According to the International Telecommunication Report of the United Nations, the 5G technology will come by 2020 

South Korea is the first country in the Asia continent that has made 5G launches in December 2018.

Between the leader of telecom companies around over the world, it has been agreed that there is a benefit in providing services of 5G by creating a common standard. In America, there were 5G technology lounges in many places like Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento


When 5G will launch in India

So far, 4G technology has not improved in India so there is a lot of time for the launch of 5G technology in India. But in the past 4G technology has improved a lot in India, so India is also likely to get 5G technology by 2021

But 4G technology is very strong in countries like Japan and South Korea, so that 5G technology may come soon, 5G trials have been started in countries like China.


The advantage of 5G Technology

Some Advantages of 5G Technologies That I Learned

  • Get more bandwidth: 5G will get more bandwidth than 3G and 4G If we get more bandwidth in 5G, then our speed will be very fast and we will get more speed than 4G
  • New technology will be available on the 5G network: In 5G technology, we will be able to see many new features and see many changes in our technology.
  • Speed: 5G technology to get speed from 1Gbps to 10Gbps

The Disadvantage of 5G Technology

  • Its first Disadvantage is that many older devices will not support this
  • Security Issue
  •  Infrastructure needs high cost.

Hope you have got complete information about 5G technology if you have a question you can comment below.

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