Top 6 Free Apps For Students

Top 6 Free Apps For Students

Top 6 Free Apps For Students

Hello friends, today I will tell you about 6 such mobile applications that can change your studies. With the help of this application, you can get the number in your exam. If your exam is going on then with the help of this application You can bring a good number in your

Alarm Clock – Loud, Smart, Puzzle Wake Up

If you are very lazy in the morning and you feel asleep when you do not wake up to wake up in the morning, then this application is very useful for you. This application will help you raise the morning

This application works as an alarm if you set an alarm in it, then it will not close until morning until you complete the given task.
In Task it gives you some questions of Math until the problem is solved, the alarm will ring

Meritnation – CBSE ICSE & More

If you are studying then this application is very good for you. In this application, you will find something from class 6 to class 12th. This application is very popular. In this application, you will find Books Study Material Video and Along with this, you will get selected courses from engineering and medical

Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help

This is a very wonderful application. Sometimes you do not understand the questions of Maths and Science. If you even make the question but do not get an answer, if you do not understand that the question is wrong, then With the help of this application, you only need to click one photo of any question you want to answer, then this application will get the answer to that question.

Loop – Habit Tracker

This application helps you to create a good habit, Maintains Good Habit and helps you Achive Goal.  In this application, you have the option of tracking your habit, with the help of the given graph, you can track your habit. When you change your habit, you can also track with this application.

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

With the help of this application, you can photograph any item and convert it to PDF Word document PPT. If you have a student, then this application is very good for you. With this application, any friend’s book and notes Click the photo of it and convert it to pdf in your mobile.

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Night Shift

At this time, we are always using our mobile to know about anything, so we do it on our mobile or computer, but do you know that the blulight that comes out of the mobile has a profound impact on your eyes and mind. You have trouble reading or doing any work if you use this application, it is filtering Blulight from your mobile and saves your eyes and mind.

This application converts your mobile screen into Natural Color Color, which causes pressure on your eyes and mind.

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