The Best Android Apps

Hello Friends, I have brought you 5 best Android applications for people who will make some of your work better and easier.

The Best Android Apps

Lawnchair Launcher

A lot of people want to see their attraction but they do not want to buy a new phone for that but I’m going to tell you about a launcher which is totally free and this is exactly what your mobile looks like (Google Pixel) Look Provide Designed to look and work like Pixel Launcher, there are some great features such as it also has Google Feed integration and its home screen has also been given a search bar. And pixel-style swipe-up app drawer is completely free and does not add any

Turbo VPN

This is a virtual private network software that we can access to any block website (VPN). It helps us to access the website by changing our location. Many VPN applications will be available which we have to buy but Turbo VPN is one such This is the application that we can do it free of charge. This makes us fast server Kanate, it keeps us very seamless

Dictionary – WordWeb

When you go somewhere to talk to someone, there is some such word that you do not understand or your English is weak. Some words are such that you can not understand when you can not even search online, the WORDWEB is such a There is an offline dictionary that lets you find synonyms, inversions, phrases and more. You can download it for free

Office Lens

This is a very useful application that helps to scan any of our documents, just to put you in front of the document. Adjust the automatic scan size. You can also edit the scanned document, by logging in with it from Microsoft account. Uploads your document to automatic drive, it scans exactly as you do with a scanner

Mcent Browser Reacharge Browser

If you want to recharge your mobile just for free, you do not have to do anything. Download it. This is a browser application like Chrome browser, just Chrome or whatever you do with your browser, it is to do it as long as you Until this browser will do it, the more money you get, the more you can recharge your mobile

The Best Android Apps

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