Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Computer

Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Computer

At this time the computer is the computer, everybody computer does it most, people are doing all their work on the computer. Every work has become computerized so that all our work has become easier computer is essential for our lives, do not keep in the address today is going to tell you how to keep your computer in mind according to the necessity

PM. Preventive Maintenance

The first thing that is important is that we keep the maintenance on our computer so that there is some point in it for our computer to not encounter problems such as

Always keep files on the computer for the computer

Do not install any specious software in the computer

Use the official website to download software

Use commercial antivirus in your computer

Do not install free antivirus on your computer

Do not click on any AIDS as you would any website, because when you click on AIDS, the virus gets installed in the background, which can steal all the information on our computer.

If you are using Net Banking, then you have not opened any other websites

System Updates

The most important thing you should always update your computer is if the general does not update your computer, then your computer’s security week is set.


Firewall If you keep connecting your computer to a Local Area Network (LAN) or sharing your computer’s resources, do not close the firewall and do not close it.

Restore Point

Operating system corrupt no tension use restore point

You should always create a restore point on your computer so that if your computer’s operating system is also cracked, then you can repair it again with the help of a restore point. With the help of the restore point, you can save your computer from the operating system

How to Create Restore Point

Press “Win + Pause Break” in your computer’s keyboard

Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Computer

So a window will open in front of you

Click On “System Protection

Next Click On “Configure” Configure any drive on your computer that you want to create a restore point

And Than Click an “Create

If your system’s operating system is corrupted for some reason, then you have to take a bootable Pen drive

Insert Pen drive

Go to Boot Menu

Down in Click “System repair

Go to “System Advance Option

Click On “System restore Point

And follow the next steps

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