How to Repair Corrupted Pen Drive

How to Repair Corrupted Pen Drive

It has been said that many methods of how to fix any Pendrive or Sdcard in this entire article are from your Pendrive Can fix

If your pen drive is damaged, your pen drive is not supported in the computer, it can be rectified. It has been said that many methods of how to fix any Pendrive or Sdcard in this entire article are from your Pendrive Can fix

Method 1 Change the Drive Latter

You assign the drive letter to your pen drive if your pen drive or Sdcard is not assigned the drive letterer then your computer is not able to detect your device so first, you assign your pen drive to the drive

If your pen drive is already assigned the drive letter, still your computer is not detecting your Pendrive then you change your Pendrive’s drive afterward.

Insert Your Storage Device to your Computer USB Slot

Right-click My Computer/This PC. Click Manage Dropdown Menu

Click On Disk Mangement under Storage

Right Click Your connected Storage Media

Click On Change Drive Latter on Path

Choose Drive Latter and assign and Click OK

Method 2 Repair Your Pen drive using Windows Explorer

You can also fix Pendrive with the help of your computer’s Windows Explorer

Click On My Computer/This PC

Select the Corrupted Pendrive and Right Click

Click Format in Drop Down Menu

And Click Restore Device Default

Before formatting your pen drive, uncheck the quick format option, which will scan the computer device full scan and detect the error.

After than Click OK and wait Few Second for Complete Process.

Method 3 Repair Your Pen drive Using CMD

We will fix our Pendrive by making CMD of it in our computer normally, we have to run a few simple commands inside our CMD so that we can fix our storage device.

Press your Computer Keyword WINDOWN+R

Type CMD

After Opening CMD Type Diskpart press Enter

Next type List Disk and Press Enter after pressing Enter Your all storage showing on Display

Type Select Disk 1 You enter your pen drive number in your case

Next Type Clean end press Enter

Next, Follow all Command

Create Partition Primary

Format fs=fat32 press enter and wait for few minutes

Exit Exit

If you are not recovering your Pendrive even after using the method described in the article, then you can check by inserting Pendrive in another computer.

If you have used the method given in the article, even if your Pendrive is not recovering then you can use third-party software for it. There are so many software on the internet that you have your Pendrive or another storage device Can repair

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