How to Pay Challan Online: e-challan Complete Guide 2021

When we go somewhere, then we are worried that our challan should not be cut, but the challan is cut only when we do not follow the traffic rules while driving. Today’s topic is also important because this post will take all the information related to Challan, such as How to Pay Challan Online Apart from this, if your challan has been cut and if you want to pay your challan online, then how do we do that? We can also learn about him.

In our country the traffic rules are strong to some extent, apart from this, there are many people who do not deliberately follow traffic regulations and some people whose challans are accidentally cut due to not following the traffic rules. So now we know everything about Challan.



What is the Challan

Some brothers are still new, who do not know about the challan very well, so for them, we first know about the challan. There are many types of challans, but today we are going to know about the challan which is given by a traffic policeman for violating the traffic rules by a driver. If a person’s challan is deducted, then that person has to pay the amount of his challan to the government.

In today’s time, you can pay a vehicle challan in cash or online. The cash challan is made by the traffic police when caught violating the traffic rules, some challans are paid online.



How much Challan to be paid

The amount of the challan may vary, it depends on the reason your challan is cut. Recently, a new traffic rule has been issued, according to which every person who makes any mistake while driving traffic or driving a vehicle will have to give a Challan.

According to the new rule, if a person drives at a higher speed than the limit, then he may have to pay Rs 1000 to 2000 rupees. If a person does not follow the rules of a driving license = he may have to pay a fine of up to 1 lakh.

According to the new rule, if a minor is caught driving a vehicle, then registration of 25000 Challan and vehicle will be canceled, along with that person’s driving license will not be issued till the age of 25.

A lot of people do not follow the traffic rules while bringing the vehicle, such as the red light does not stop the vehicle even after burning, or there are some people who do stunts on the vehicle, now Challan will be cut when such people are caught.



How to pay E-Challan

If your challan too has been cut and you are worried about it, then keeping in mind the convenience of the people, the government is giving the facility of E-challan. Now any person can pay their challan without going to court or anywhere else through the medium of E-Challan.

Whenever the challan is deducted, you are informed through message and email, in which you have to process the amount and payment.

If your message has also been deleted, then only you can pay e-challan through the website. To do e challan, you have to follow the process mentioned by us on your phone or computer. The facility of online e Challan Pay is being provided through the Ministry of Road Transport Highways.



How to Pay e-Challan Online

For online E-Challan Pay, the most intriguing is to go to the official website of on your device.

How to Pay E-Challan Online
Pay e-Challan Online 2021

On visiting the site for the first time you will see some such dashboards, but you have to click on Check Challan Status.

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We can check the status of the challan in three ways. Challan Number, Vehicle Number, DL Number |

In any of the three options, click on anyone and enter the number, then verify the captcha code.

After clicking on get Details, all the details of the vehicle will be revealed openly, if your vehicle is not challaned then in that case no challan will be shown to you. That amount will be shown to you.

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Now if you want to pay your challan amount online, then click on the option of Pay Now.

When you click on the option of Pay Now, then the front payment page opens. Pay the challan through credit card, debit card, net banking. After payment, a successful message will come in front of you and you will also get a Transaction ID.

So in this way, we can make Challan Status and Online Challan Payment of our vehicle.



How to see Challan Pending Transaction

If you are in Transaction Pending while making online payment of challan, it can be checked online, for this you do not have to do anything, all you have to do is visit the official website of

  • Click on Check Pending Transaction
  • Enter challan number or vehicle number
  • Enter captcha
  • Click on Get Details
  • All the Detail of Pending Transactions will open in front of you.

If you are in challan pending, then you can see the complete details of your Pending Transaction in this way.


Pay Delhi traffic Challan Online

We can pay online to Delhi Traffic Challan, if you are a resident of Delhi or your challan is cut in Delhi, then you can pay for it separately Delhi Challan Online. The process of online payment is very easy, just follow the rules given by us.

Many times we do not know how to pay the Challan online, and we are not able to pay our challan in time, due to which our challan goes to the court.

Now no person needs to go anywhere, because today we will learn how to pay Delhi Traffic Challan online.

To pay Delhi Traffic Challan online, first of all, we have to visit the official website of

After visiting the site, you have to click on the option of Check Delhi Traffic Notice upwards.


To view the Pending Notice, enter the Vehicle Number / Notice Number and click on the option to search details.

Now OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter the OTP received through SMS, and click on the option of Get Details.

After this, you can see the Delhi Traffic Notice, in which you will be able to see the notice number, the reason for which your challan has been cut, the details of how much challan has been cut, all the details, etc., as well as the vehicle of which you clicked on the image. You can see the image of the challan which has been cut.

Click on the Print option to print the Traffic Notice

To pay your Challan, click on the Pay Now button. After doing this you will be taken to the payment page.

You can pay Delhi traffic Challan online through debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.



What will happen if the Challan is not Paid?

There have been many changes in the traffic rules under the New Motor Vehicle Act, since then many questions have been circulating in the minds of people. Like what happens if we do not fill our challan on time. So, let us now see, if you do not fill the challan in time, then what process will you have to go through?

If the challan amount is not paid in time, the constable will come to your register address, and they will say to fill your challan, if you are not present at the registered address and you have changed your address, then in that case your challan is sent to the court. Will go

Once your challan is sent to the court, after that, the court will make you feel guilty and proceed further. Despite this, if you are not present in court on time, then after that your license will be canceled, and your vehicle will also be sealed by police.


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Important information

When you go to the official website of, on top of that, you get to see some important notices. If you want to pay for your challan, do it only through the official website, because many websites are similar to the official website, which makes the general public a victim, so whenever you pay your challan, it Makes sure the website is official or not.

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