How to Increase Blog Traffic Easy Step

How to Increase Blog Traffic Easy Step

How to Increase Blog Traffic Easy Step

How to Increase Blog Traffic Easy Step


When you create your blog, and after that, we start writing a post, but what is our main question, how do we bring traffic to our blog? We have to work hard for this. Today every day the new blog is getting published. We want to bring your post to Google’s first page but it is not that easy.

Today I will tell you this in this post if we have to rank our blog then what should we do for it?



SEO { Search Engine Optimization }

If we have to bring our post to Google’s first page, then for that we have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we get unique traffic from SEO which is totally free, and this traffic direct comes to our website from Google, With the help of SEO, we can make Google’s first page show of our post.

Below is described how we can do SEO of our website. You can learn about SEO in full detail by reading the given article.



How to Do Keyword Research For My Website Free online SEO Tool For Website Analysis
What is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Best Keyword Research Free Tool


Step 1 Use Yoast  SEO Plugin

If you have created your website on WordPress So you must do Yoast SEO Plugin in your WordPress, these plug-ins help you fully when writing a post. This will tell you whether your post is good or not. With its help, you can do your post’s On page SEO very easily.


With the help of this plugin, you can write your post very easily. This plugin tells us what’s missing within our posts.


There is a special feature in the Yoast SEO plugin, in which it tells you how your post is in three colors.


How to Increase  Blog Traffic Easy Step

  • Green:  If the bottom green show of the post does, it means that your post is perfect, whatever your post has written, it has been written in all the ways the SEO has been written.


How to Increase  Blog Traffic Easy Step

  • Yellow: If your post is doing Yellow Show below it means that your post needs improvement now. And it also tells you what you want to improve.


How to Increase  Blog Traffic Easy Step


  • Red: If you are doing the red show at the bottom of the post as you can in the picture. This means your post needs a lot of improvement, and you are doing the wrong thing what you are doing.



Meta Title and Meta Description 

If you do not set your post’s title and meta description, then Google automatically takes it, it will start showing the piece of any text of your post to Google.  But we do not have to do this, we have to add our website titles and meta descriptions to our checking, so that we can use our keywords in meta descriptions so that our post can be even more high ranking.


If you do not know how to set up meta descriptions, I will tell you that for that you will need a YOST SEO plugin, whose help can be a good meta description.

How to Increase  Blog Traffic Simple Step

In Meta Description, we write a short description of our post. From which the visitor can know this, what’s inside this post.

  • Keeping this in mind when writing a meta description, your man keyword should come in your meta description
  • Meta descriptions should be very attractive
  • When writing a meta description, you have to pay attention to the keyword length, write the meta description as long as the yellow show below is getting green.


Best SEO Friendly Permalink 

We have to check the Parma link before publishing the post because whenever we publish the post, the permalink does not change, you can see in the given image, in the same way, you have to do with the Parama link.

How to Increase  Blog Traffic Simple Step


If any other permalink is showing in your post, then you will click on the settings, then the option of permalink will be visible as well.


How to Increase  Blog Traffic Simple Step

Go To Setting under Permalink

It lets you know who this post is, and will know it easily, Google will know which post it is, then will help you rank your website, and increase traffic to your website.


 Powerful Keyword Research

Keyword Research, which offers a lot of help in ranking posts on Google I First Page, for that we need to have a good keyword so that our posts will rank quickly in Google and traffic will increase, I post a link to keyword research. They can go to and know about keyword research in detail.


If you want to research high CPC keywords, then you can use the paid tools for that, many paid tools are available in the market like Ahref tool, Semrus tool, etc. With the help of all these tools, you can take the sadi details of your keywords such as CPC, Searches, Competition, etc.

You can also use free tools for your keyword research like Google Keyword Planner



Contextual Related Posts in WordPress

You will have to visit lots of blogs, any posts you go to read, you will get a link to the post under that post, this is because if a reader is reading your post, it will see all the posts. , Then definitely will click.

If you show your favorite post to the poster, then it has many benefits.

  • User-experience is Best
  • Your pageviews Daily increase.
  • Bounce-rate very decreases.
  • Engagement increase.
  • Internal-linking is a total important factor in SEO.



High-Quality Content 

It is important that we have the right and complete details about what we are writing about, many bloggers are like those who write anything so that our post does not rank. It is not that we write anything in our post. Still will rank, if we have to rank a post then having high-quality content is very important.


If we write an Attractive and User-Friendly Post in our post, then the visitor has a good impact, so that the visitor visits our website again.

We have to give special attention to our paragraph. Try that your paragraph is right and small. Which makes the visitor easy to read.



Quora and Social Media

Quora is a question sharing platform, where you can share your question and ask the answer from the People, with the help of this social platform, you can bring traffic to your website, say someone has asked the question “How to incrase Blog traffic in Simple Step” In his order you can give a link to your post.


If someone reads your answer, they will definitely visit your website, which will bring traffic to your website.

Whatever posts you write, you must share it with Facebook or WhatsApp. You must share your post in the group on Facebook This will also promote your blog and traffic will also be generated.


Create High-Quality Baclink

If we have to rank our blog then backlinks are very important because we feel it is very easy to rank your blog without backlinks, so we have to create high-quality backlinks for our website, you can create backlinks from the same website Our DA and PA 40, 50c above, our website quickly ranks.

If you do not know how to create backlinks, then I have given a link in my blog post from which you can easily create backlinks.

Key Point For Increase Traffic 

  • Share Post Regularly
  • Don’t Copy Past 
  • Use 2,3 Images in Post
  • Share your Blog Post Link
  • Describe Your thought in Point 
  • Use Normal Font Size and Font Style

If you write a post on your blog keeping all these points in mind, your post will appear on Google’s first page very soon.

Thank You






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