How to do Keyword Research for My Website

When we create a blog, we need to write a post but we can not find the keyword. This article explains how to do keyword research for your blog.

How to do Keyword Research

Hello friends, if we write your website or blog, if we want to write a post in our blog, then we need a keyword that we can write our entire article on the keyword if we rank our website or blog quickly in Google So, for that we need a good keyword that we can rank on Google’s first page

What is keyword research

When we do not get a good keyword for our blog post, and we search for a keyword for our blog post on which we can rank in Google by writing our entire article, we call it Keyword Research, today I’m going to tell you How To Do Keyword research

So let’s know how we can do keyword research for our blog posts and what method we can do keyword research with.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a greats tool that can help to us research keywords. With the help of Google Trends, you can find out which keywords are currently using most people, which means people are searching more on the topic.

If you are working on a target country, with the help of Google Trends, you can find out which keyword is being searched much more in that country, if you want to know the keywords that are most searched for in the entire year and month is


Quora has a method that allows you to listen to a topic that is a topic that you can choose from, but if you create a Quora account, you can create a Question account, and you can select from Audion and select The keyword can be anlayable if you have a keyword of Volume Low Medium and the Competition is low enough to do the job on your keyword.

Blog News

Blog news is a good way to find the keywords on which blogs you write, the top 10 bloggers can read the website, you will get blog topic ideas, and if you want, you should also read the news so that we can get new We get information about Things so that we can do keyword research on our blog

Google Keyword Planner

How to do Keyword Research

How to do Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner is a very good method to search for your keywords. You can do keyword research with the help of Google Keyword Planner. With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can get the full range of any keyword like its CPC DA Competition, Searches And you can take well-suited keywords if you want to use it in your blog topic.

The Google Keyword Planner gives you complete details of your Target Keyword. With this help, we can find out the value of the keyword that we are working on.


Kwfinder is a tool that can help you get ideas covered. This is a website that allows you to research however you need keyword ideas to enter keywords like Mobile, Computer, Internet, etc. After that you have to select the country After you have been able to search, it gives you a keyword about your topic and gives new keyword ideas.


The auto-suggests results provided by Google  With the help of this website, you can get as many keywords as you want, it gives you thousands of keywords on your topology, which you can use only you have to search by entering your subject and giving it thousands of keyword ideas.

Keyword Research Free Tool 

If you want to do keyword research then there are so many free tools that you can do to research your own keyword for your website. I have given a link to some tools that you can do for keyword research. Will be available in free

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Kwfinder
  3. Keyword Tool
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I hope you have come to understand how to do Keyword Research, if you have any questions, you can comment below.

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