How to Create Website Page on Facebook

How to Create a Website Page on Facebook

If you have your website or blog and you want to create a Facebook page for your website then you can do Facebook in 10 minutes.

Today is very trending on Facebook. Everyone is connected to Facebook. If you want to promote a website or blog company then the Facebook page is very important, with the help of Facebook Page, you can get traffic to your website or blog.

Facebook Page Requirement

To create a Facebook page, you must have your own Facebook account if you do not have a Facebook account, then Click on the following link to create your Facebook account.

The second recruitment is the website or blog for which you want to create a Facebook page, if you want to create a Facebook page for yourself, then you can do that too.

Step by step- How to create a Facebook Business Page

People join your business through Facebook page People can contact you by massaging you. Facebook page is so important because most people are connected to Facebook if your website is a Facebook page of the blog or Company, then you can get information about your service So you can get quick

Select The Type Of Page

You can visit the Facebook page by clicking on the link and after that, you select categories, which you want to create your page in category

How to create Website page on Facebook

For Example: Suppose if you have a blog or website, you will choose “Business Aur Brand” and after that, you will select the website in the drop-down menu and Next will add the name of your website and brand


How to Create Website Page on Facebook

After that, you will click on Get Started next, we will add the details and choose Avatar for your Facebook page. After that, we will create a picture which should be included in your brand’s logo. Note: Your Facebook page must have a maximum size of the profile picture of 180 * 540px.

How to create website page on Facebook

All these tasks are complete but you will have an option to invite your friends. You can skip it, even if you can invite, After that, you have to fill your website details and click on Continuance

How to Create Website Page on Facebook

After performing all these tasks, you can edit your page, according to your information, you can fill the details.


Note- You should always remember the user ID and password of your Facebook account, and do not forget to log out after using the FB ID.

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