7 Cool Android Mobile Tips & Tricks

7 Cool Android Mobile Tips & Tricks

7 Cool  Android Mobile Tips & Tricks

7 Cool Android Mobile Tips & Tricks

Mobile uses all but there are some tips and tricks about mobile. Not everybody knows if so, today’s article is on our topic. Today, we are going to tell you about 5 cool tricks which nobody has ever told before today. You can do this trick in any Android device.


There are many features on the mobile which are very lotus. Which we do not know about But with the use of what I am telling you today, you can convert your mobile phone into an advanced mobile. So let’s know which is the 5 cool tricks.



Use Face Lock any Android Mobile 

Your very expensive mobile phone has seen the face lock feature. All these features will be available to you inexpensive smartphones. If you also want to use Face Lock in your mobile, you can do it very easily. For this, you will not need to buy expensive mobile phones. For this, you just have to install an application whose link I have given below.



IObit Applock: Face Lock & Fingerprint

 Best Android Mobile Tips & Tricks

Best Android Mobile Tips & Trick

With this application, you can protect your mobile phone with Face Lock. You will also get a feature of fingerprints in it. These applications fast to recognize your face. This application has featured an email notification feature. This application will alert you via email on your mobile if your mobile wants to download it. With the help of this application, you can also put a password on your apps.




Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Yes, it is possible you feel you have a fake application, then you are wrong. These applications work perfectly, many applications will be available to you. This application gives you the perfect result. If you install this application on your mobile, then you will not need a fitness tracker. Let’s know how this application works.


This application tracks your plus rate when you keep your finger on your flashlight, it tracks your finger color and blood passing through the camera and gives your result to sleep.



Google Assistant 

If you want to control your phone with voice, then you can do it very easily. For that, you have to download Google Assistant on your phone. With the help of Google Assistant, you can control your phone with your voice.

And you can unlock your phone by speaking Google Assistant can answer your every question by speaking. You get a lot of features in this. Even you can do the Whatsapp message by speaking.



Fast Charging 

With the help of this trick, you can charge your mobile fast, if you are going. And you do not have a mobile charge. Then after charging your mobile in flight mode, put it in charge. This will speed up your mobile battery quickly.


Data Usage Limit

If your mobile data quickly ends, and you do not know, if you want to track the internet data of your mobile, you can put data limits on it, as much as you use the data limit on MB or GB, As soon as he gets older, you will start to watch the warning. 

Go to Setting – Data Usage 



Turn Off Unwanted Notification 

If you want to close the unwanted notification of your phone, you can do it very easily, for that you have to press long on the notification. After this, notification turn off option will appear which you can uncheck


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